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Sexy 1990 Retro Style WITCHAZEL T-shirts
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Parallel Lines
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"THE LOST WITCHAZEL TAPES" 2018 Remastered CD is available for sale. 100% of proceeds are donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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NOW Available on Line- 03-01-22

"The Lost Witchazel Tapes" Album -VOLUME 1 is available for Downloads & Steaming on your favorite music distribution platform... Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and many more around the world. "Some of the coolest 80"s sounding music you may have never heard before".

 Larry Hennessey-"Music Freek/Radio Geek


check out the Dream On video:

If you like Scorpions, Aerosmith, Motely Crew, Ass-Kicken Canadian made 70-80's sounding rock... loaded with melodic catchy hooks, BIG guitar solos and even a couple rocky road love story "Power Ballads"... this DOWNLOAD is for you.

CD's of the complete album are still available while supplies last at live shows and online on this site. Since Aug 2021- 100% of the sales from the limited edition 500 CDs is being be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Experience the original remastered 80's recordings of Sherman Von & Witchazel,

Send a pic or a message to: Possibly get your picture on the webpage or facebook or the next album!

Thank you in advance for DOWNLOADING & supporting a fantastic rocken cause.

Sherman Von and Ray Harvey will be back with much more to come in 2023... IT HAS BEGUN! Adventure stories in music that dig in deep, telling the spicy tails of growing up dreaming and loving ROCK & ROLL - 100% Canadian!

All the best in 2022-23- Sherm 

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